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Natural Corn-filled Therapy bags
Our ECO-Friendly, microwaveable corn bags are an all-natural alternative to electric and chemical filled heat therapy bags.

They are re-usable for years and can also be placed in the freezer for lasting cold therapy

Our corn bags are filled with clean field corn (not the popping kind).

They are made of high quality 100% cotton, encased in muslin and covered with the trendiest fabrics, then double stitched for years of lasting durability

All of our products are hand-made in Virginia.

Each bag features a decorative front and solid color backing.

Included with each order are heating and care instructions to ensure years of soothing comfort

These make GREAT gifts for Holidays, Birthdays, Showers, Teachers and just about any other occasion!

Our products are shipped within 3 days of receiving your order via USPS Priority Mail service.

We can even MONOGRAM!

Our original corn bags are the perfect size for stomach aches, shoulder or knee pain, tennis elbow, sore muscles, sinus pressure, hot flashes, fevers, or any injury warm or cold.

Neck and Shoulder corn bags are perfect for headaches, shoulder pain, neck pain and can wrap around legs and arms for soothing comfort.

Our small corn bags are the perfect size for Sinus Headaches/Pressure, Migraines, Sty's or other face pains. They are sold in PAIRS.
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